Junior Section
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What we do

We provide a friendly, safe, enjoyable but competitive environment for boys and girls from 6 to 17 years of age.

Under the guidance of our PGA Professionals, we provide free group sessions in order to train and educate juniors in the techniques, rules and etiquette of golf. Parents who are not members of the club are welcome to relax in the friendly clubhouse whilst junior sessions take place.

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Golf equipment can be expensive so a limited selection of clubs are available for use by those attending taster sessions.

In order to give adequate individual attention where needed, there is currently a limit of 50 junior members

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What standards can juniors reach?

Using golf's handicap system, our extensive programme of internal and inter-club competitions allows juniors of all abilities to compete on equal terms.

With links to county and national squads at all levels, we encourage our juniors to aim high and maximise their potential. Our Elite Junior scheme rewards those who attain county or higher representation.

What to do next

Under the Membership tab on the main menu, you can find the current fees for Juniors and a link to a membership form. Further information can be provided by the Club Secretary on 01489 877279, option 1 if needed.