On the Course

Conventional golf wear. Shirts may be either sleeveless with collar or collarless with sleeves. No tee shirts or vest type tops.
Only Tailored shorts are acceptable. No jogging shorts.
Golf shoes must be worn when playing golf
Socks must be worn (sports socks or shoe socks of any colour are acceptable).
Headwear must not be worn sideways or back to front.

In the club house

Conventional golf wear as above – hats must not be worn.
Smart casual dress, clean, tailored jeans may be worn but jeans with slits or holes are not allowed.
Cargo type trousers, Track Suits / Leisure Suits are not permitted.
For all formal occasions including dinner, match meals and social events members are expected to change out of golf wear – unless a notice is posted to the contrary.

When Winter Rules are in force golf shoes are only permitted in the locker rooms

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12.05.2022 16:55
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Essential 2nd hole maintenance. The route to be played from 06:30 on Friday 13 May is as follows: Members play 1st then cross the second in front of the men’s tee and play 4th, 5th , 6th , 7th, 8th and 9th . After completing the ninth hole members then proceed via the path past Spooners and play the 3rd hole and then 7a before proceeding via the roped off area behind the 9th green and the path by Spooners to the 10th tee. The back nine is then played as normal.
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