General Health & Safety Information

class:cgch4;General Health and Safety information that should be followed is the application of common sense.

As sports go, golf is pretty safe, but there's always potential for injury from being struck with a golf ball.
Though it's extremely rare, people have actually died from being hit by golf balls. Then there are golf-cart mishaps. Golfers have been known to get seriously injured when golf carts are driven in a hazardous manner or if they dangle their feet or hands out of a cart while it's moving.

Health and Safety issues are the responsibility of not just the Club but also that of the individual golfer.

Please take time to read this important document.

Health and Safety InformationClick here

Risk Assessment for Golf Course

class:cgch4;This document is produced to allow all members, guests and visitors to Corhampton Golf course to have knowledge of the perceived dangers when on the course.

Risk Assessment for Golf CourseClick here

Risk Assessment - Buggy Users Corhampton Golf Club

class:cgch4;This document has been prepared to allow all persons using Club buggies to have knowledge of the perceived dangers on the course.

Corhampton Golf Club will, by prior arrangement and subject to production of valid public liability insurance and prevalent weather/course conditions, allow visitors to bring and use their own buggy on the course.

The Club reserves the right to prohibit such use should it deem such a buggy to be "not fit for purpose".

Rick Assessment for Buggy UsersClick here

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2nd hole open and 7a is closed When using double seater buggies can you please not drive on the fairways or the long roughs. Attempt to keep on the manicured roughs as much has possible please to protect the fairways and to help you find your golf balls in the long rough.
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